Upcoming Events 2016/2017

Description Date Time
Lepra Workout 24th March 10am
Author Visit 29th March
Orienteering Championships 30th March 12:30-15:30
Road Safety Session 4th April 09:00-15:30
Easter Community Lunch 5th April 12:00
Bateman Bake Off 5th April All Day
Disco in aid of 5th April  18:30-20:00
Church Services 6th April 09:30-12:00
School Easter Lunch 6th April 12:30
Easter Holidays 10th-21st April
School Open 24th April 08.50-15.30
Art Gifted & Talented 25th April All Day
Google Explorers 27th April All Day
Y4 Tennis Festival 27th April 13:00-15:30
Year 8 photographs 28th April 09.00
Bank Holiday 1st May
County Council Elections 4th May School Open
Sats Week 8th-11th May
Parents Evening 17th May 15.45-17.00
Year 7 & 8 Athletics St Edwards 17th May 15:30-18:00
Science Gifted & Talented 17th May All Day
Funky Hair & Wacky Tie Day 26th May All Day
Half Term 29th May-2nd June
Inset Day 5th June All Day
School Open 6th June 08.50-15.30
Year 7 & 8 Athletics at Woodhouse 7th June 15:00-18:00
Year 8 Lichfield Gifted & Talented 8th June All Day
Year 5 & 6 Athletics Woodhouse 8th June 15:30-18:00
Music Gifted & Talented 9th June All Day
Year 5 & 6 Athletics St. Edwards 13th June 15:30-18:00
Year 7 & 8 Athletics Northwood Stadium 14th June 09:00-12:30
Transition Day 20th June All Day
Year 7 & 8 Athletics 21st June 15:30-18:00
Geography Gifted & Talented 21st June All Day
Year 5 & 6 Athletics Woodhouse 22nd June 15:30-18:00
Y8 Girls HPV 23rd June 09:00
Sports Day (Meadows) 27th June All Day
Year 7 & 8 County Athletics Tamworth 28th June All Day
Y8 Germany 3rd July All Week
Faith Trail Derby 3rd July All Day
Y1 Festival at JBJH 5th July 12:00
Y4 Teambuilding 7th July 09:00-14:30
PE Gifted & Talented 10th July All Day
Presentation Evening 12th July 19:00
Prom Y8 14th July 19.00-22.00
Fun Sports Day 18th July 13.30-15.30
Celebration Afternoon 19th July
Leavers Assembly 19th July
Reports home to parents 19th July
Term Ends 21st July 15.30