Upcoming Events 2018/2019

Description Date Time
Football @ Woodhouse 17th October 15:30-17:15
Y5 Art Gifted & Talented to Chatterley Whitfield 18th October 09:00-15:30
World Book Day-Harry Potter theme 19th October 09:00-15:30
Cross Country-Westwood 23rd October 14:45-18:00
Parents Evening 23rd October 15:45-18:00
Gifted & Talented History-National Arboretum 25th October 10:30-15:30
Disco-Years 3-8 25th October 16:30-18:00
Gifted & Talented PE-Awesome Walls 26th October 13:20-15:30
Half Term 29th October-2nd November
School Open 5th November 08:50-15:30
Y5 Fluenz Vaccinations 5th November 09:45
Mock Sats 5-8th November
Gifted & Talented RE-National Arboretum 7th November 09:40-16:00
Y7 & Y8 Netball-Fenton Manor 8th November 15:00-18:00
6FC/6LPo-Fire Station visit 12th November 09:00-12:30
6AF/6KF Fire Station visit 13th November 09:00-12:30
Netball Festival-BVLC 15th November 12:30-15:30
Y5 & Y6-Sporthall Athletic-Fenton Manor 26th November 15:45-16:00
Play-Dress Rehearsal 10th December 13:30-15:30
Play-Dress Rehearsal-Y3 & Y4 invited 11th December 13:30-15:30
Play-Jack & The Beanstalk 12th December 19:00-21:00
Play-To Whole School 13th December 09:30-11:30
Community Christmas Lunch-Pre-order 13th December 12:30-13:15
Play-Jack & The Beanstalk 13th December 19:00-21:00
Y5 Robofest-Parent engagement 18th December 13:30-15:30
Christmas Disco -Years 3-8 18th December 16:30-18:00
KS2 Christmas with Parents 19th December 14:30-15:30
Church Services 20th December 09:00-11:30
Pupil Christmas Lunch 20th December 12.30-13:20
Y7 & Y8 Cinebowl 21st December 09:00-15:30
Y5 & Y6 Crewe Lyceum 21st December 13:30-16:00
Christmas Holidays 24th December-4th January 2019
School Open 7th January 2019 08:50-15:30
Y6 Sats Evening 9th January 18:30
Mock Sats 28-31st January
Disco-Years 3-8 6th February 16:30-18:30
Parents Evening 12th February 15:45-18:30
Young Voices-MEN 14th February
Non-uniform day in aid of the Y8 Prom 15th February All Day
Half Term 18-22nd February
Inset Day 25th February
School Open 26th February 08:50-15:30