Our Core Values
  • To provide high quality education for all pupils regardless of ability or background
  • To promote an ethos of high expectations for all learners by all staff
  • To encourage individuals to strive to be the best they can be
  • To encourage all pupils to take full responsibility for their actions
  • To develop confident, ambitious learners through fulfilment of academic, creative and expressive potential
Prevent Strategy:

The new Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 obliges that schools prevent pupils from being drawn into terrorism and becoming radicalised.

As a school, we have robust safeguarding procedures to tackle any form of intolerance.  We teach the British Values of democracy, liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. We also adopt a zero tolerance approach to derogatory, prejudicial, discriminatory or extremist views.

The internet is monitored weekly using the local authority approved software to detect any form of derogatory, prejudicial, discriminatory or extremist language.

Any behaviour which is deemed to come under this umbrella will be tackled following the usual Safeguarding procedures.

For further information click here or see our Safeguarding Policy.