Religious Education

Religious Education at James Bateman Junior High School

Following the launch of the 2016 agreed syllabus for Religious Education in Staffordshire, our schemes and topics have been updated. The new curriculum allows the children to reflect more on their own beliefs, as we are learning and exploring a variety of religions and cultures. Our RE curriculum is designed to get our pupils thinking about Religion and asking questions about all faiths. At James Bateman, pupils will not just learn about religion, but also learn from other religions.

The Syllabus is designed to help our pupils become broad-minded and tolerant citizens with a good understanding of the World’s main faiths.

In KS2, pupils will learn about various topics including: sacred texts and scripts, religious diversity, commitment to faith and how this can be shown, justice, hope, as well as a range of values and beliefs.

In KS3, pupils will be exploring questions and topics linked to: religious figures, the environment, places of worship, incarnation and where do we look for God? Year 7 pupils will also be given the opportunity to take part in a faith trail, visiting several places of worship and immersing themselves in the culture and atmosphere of these religious buildings.

For a more detailed overview about what is being taught in each year group, have a look at the curriculum map for RE.