Sports Premium

Sports Premium Funding Statement 2016-17

In recent years the Government has spent millions of pounds on improving Physical Education (PE) and Sport in Primary Schools. They allocate this extra funding directly to Primary Headteachers.
Schools are able to choose how they use this funding.

Examples can be:

  • to hire specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers during PE lessons.
  • to support and involve the least active children by running after-school sports clubs and holiday clubs.
  • to provide resources and training courses in PE and sport for teachers.
  • to run sport competitions or increase pupils’ participation in the School Games.
  • to run sports activities with other schools.


Previously at James Bateman we have invested the Sports Premium Funding to improve the use of technology in PE by purchasing a Projector, Screen, Computer, iPads and Internet Connectivity in the Gymnasium. This exciting development has meant the pupils are able to use technology; watching and learning from professional athletes on screen and using the ‘Apple TV’ facility to reflect and improve on their own performances. We have purchased new equipment, for example Table Tennis Tables and Tchoukball apparatus, to widen the provision to our pupils and add breadth to our PE curriculum.
As the PE Department at James Bateman includes several specialist PE teachers this allows us to spend our Sports Funding directly on new activities, extra coaching and equipment that our Pupil Voice has requested.

Last year the Sports Premium Funding (2015-16) had a huge impact on our pupils. Every year group has a minimum of two hours sporting provision in lesson time per week, where they access a wide range of activities and use suitable age-related apparatus. We have purchased new and replaced worn-out equipment. Alongside this more pupils than ever were able to take advantage of extra-curricular sports, with over 40% of our pupils involved every week. We have entered many sporting competitions in the Staffordshire Moorlands and the Stoke-on-Trent area. Our pupils have also really enjoyed having outside sports coaches come in to teach them for different sports. Progress for all year groups has been well above what may be expected for their age. Certain groups have been targeted for extra provision and their progress has been outstanding.

Below is a synopsis of how the money will be spent in the academic year 2016-17 in our drive to engage all pupils in regular physical activity.

We are using Next Generation Coaching to support and complement teaching in KS2 lessons.
At James Bateman many staff already offer dinnertime and after school clubs, so we will use the Sports Premium Funding to add to this existing curricular and extra-curricular offering.  Sports coaches, where available, will be used.

As a Department we have decided we would like to continue to extend the range of activities offered, both in lessons and in extra-curricular time. For example we will invest in junior hockey for KS2, extend our playground markings whilst continuing to use specialist coaches to offer a wider range of sports.

The Physical Education Department meets regularly with the First Schools of Biddulph. The aim of these meetings is to organise and promote sporting Festivals for all pupils in Biddulph schools. These Festivals are now embedded into yearly events and include netball, tennis, Change for Life/multi-skills and The Biddulph Games. Our Y7 and Y8 Sports Leaders help make these Festivals so successful.

Professional Development: As in previous years we have also allocated some of the funding to allow staff teaching Physical Education the chance to increase their knowledge, confidence and skills further by accessing available courses.