Art at James Bateman Middle School

Welcome to the Art Department at James Bateman Middle School. In Art we aim to develop pupils’ imagination and creative thinking. We have a strong inclusive ethos, having high expectations for all pupils.

Pupils are encouraged to explore and experiment with a wide range of tools and techniques from drawing and painting to printing, sculpture and clay work. They become familiar with the visual elements such as line, pattern, form, tone and texture.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, with pupils looking at artists and movements from a range of times and cultures from Ancient Egyptian Art to contemporary artists and craftspeople. Opportunities are provided for pupils to work as a team, develop their organisational and planning skills and aptitude for problem solving. Wherever possible, we also seek to develop opportunities to promote numeracy and literacy within Art.

At KS2, pupils are taught art within planned themes as part of their creative curriculum. At KS3, all pupils receive 1hr art lesson per week, taught by a subject specialist. All students, both KS2 and KS3, keep a sketchbook. We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities at various points in the school calendar including art club and events within the local community.

James Bateman Middle School