Attendance at James Bateman Junior High School is very good (95.0%) and that is due testament to the children (and parents/carers) who come to our school. We need this figure to improve further and we are committed to raising it year-on-year.

The unauthorised absence (0.2%) of children is where parents/carers have failed to provide reason for their child’s absence. In our case this relates to a very small minority of families. We ask parents to telephone the school if their children are absent, if we don’t hear from them a member of staff will contact parents on the first day of absence.

Regular lateness = Absence.

Over a school year:

  • 5 minutes late every day = 3 days absence
  • 15 minutes late every day = 10 days absence
  • 30 minutes late every day = 19 days absence

Regular attendance = Increased Attainment

Over a school year:

  • 90% attendance = 19 days absent
  • 85% attendance = 29 days absent (half a term)
  • 80% attendance = 38 days absent
  • 75% attendance = 47 days absent
James Bateman Middle School