Clubs are not currently running due to Covid-19 restrictions but will be reinstated as soon as possible.

ClubYear GroupDayTimeLocationStaff Member
KS2 Footballyear 5Friday12:20GymMr Canham/Mr Birtles
Well-being and mindfullness clubYear 6Wednesday12:20Room 3Miss Roobaert
Young VoicesAll (split into bubbles)TBC depending on numbers12.20Room 9/6Mirs Finch/Mrs Fletcher
Paper craftsYear 6Monday12.20Room 4Mrs Nixon/Mrs White
Well-being and mindfullness clubYear 5Tuesday12:20Room 13BR
Well-being and mindfullness clubYear 7Monday12:20Room 4FC
Well-being and mindfullness clubYear 8Wednesday12:20Room 4FC
Sewing/Cross StitchYear 5Friday12:20Room 11RO
Guitar clubAll (split into bubbles)Wednesday12:20TBAJ Richardson
Poetry/DramaYear 7Wednesday12.30Room 17L Johnson
British Sign LanguageYear 6Thursday12.20Room 10Alison Williams
Board Games ClubYear 5/6 alternatingTuesday12:20Sandwich RoomMrs Sims/Mrs Jones
STEM clubY7/8 alternatingThursday12:20TBCTom Ahearn
Pokemon ClubYear 5Monday12:20/12:45Room 12C Managh
TTRockstars ClubYear 7 Tuesday12:20Room 5L Cooke
James Bateman Middle School