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Our Curriculum


The curriculum at James Bateman is rich in knowledge.

James Bateman Middle School provides opportunities for all our pupils through our curriculum and wider educational opportunities. Our intent is to ensure that all pupils make outstanding progress and that our curriculum will remove any barriers that may affect their learning.

Our curriculum has been developed in conjunction with the feeder first schools and the high school to ensure that the curriculum is ambitious in its content and outcomes.

Subject-specifically, the curriculum is built around a progression model that ensures pupils incrementally gain deep knowledge and skills that are fundamental to each subject. Purposeful assessment is integral to the curriculum to ensure knowledge is fully embedded and highlights areas for development.

Throughout the curriculum there is a strong emphasis on developing;

  • a ‘love of learning’.
  • Readiness, resilience, and respectfulness the skills required to be a productive member a diverse 21st century society
  • an understanding of ‘British Values’ and the implications for life in modern day Britain.
  • pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning.
  • independence and enabling pupils to become creative, critical thinkers.
  • an understanding of the importance, through the careers programme, of the opportunities available to pupils once they leave school.

At the heart of the school is the focus on broadening pupils’ cultural horizons to ensure they are able to continue to the next stage of their educational journey.


  • Develop pupils to have high aspirations, resilience and are prepared for the next phase of their education.
  • Offer of a broad and rounded curriculum maintaining the opportunity to study Languages, Technology and the Arts.
  • High quality lessons, delivered by skilled practitioners with excellent subject knowledge, logically sequenced to ensure a deep understanding of subject matter addressing any misconceptions.
  • An emphasis on wellbeing, enrichment rewards and opportunities to develop student leadership as a core foundation to develop cultural capital.
  • Purposeful assessment with the promotion of recall and retrieval embedded.
  • Ensuring key student groups make progress that is in line with national benchmarks.

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