Our curriculum promise

Preparing our pupils for their future

Personalised and unique, the curriculum here at James Bateman Middle School has been designed and created to suit the needs of our pupils. To provoke deep thought and action. To ignite their curiosity. And to fill them with rich knowledge and understanding. Regardless of background or ability, we strive to ensure that every single one of our pupils succeeds, academically, socially and emotionally.

We will guarantee that our pupils leave the school:

  • achieving the highest possible academic success
  • able to communicate confidently in any situation, using a range of media platforms
  • knowing how to keep themselves safe, particularly online
  • having experienced a wide range of trips and events to enrich their cultural capital
  • making a positive contribution to society through their kindness, tolerance and respect for others
  • able to talk with pride about the diversity we have in Great Britain
  • with a positive self-image

We have carefully sequenced our curriculum to ensure that pupils build on their prior knowledge. The curriculum is coherently planned; opportunities to link learning to pupils’ own experiences, and to the wider curriculum, are always sought. We prepare our pupils for their futures. Pupils leave our school ready to relish the challenges a secondary education and adulthood will bring.

All learners have access to the entirety of the curriculum. We adapt our curriculum carefully to ensure all needs are met, particularly for those pupils with special needs, or those who are disadvantaged. Learners enjoy a full and varied curriculum, taught by expert and dedicated teachers. Our pupils enjoy purposeful lessons; they are able to see that lessons not only support their academic success, but also offer them both the skills and experiences that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

Please see our Remote Learning policy which gives details of our school’s provision for accessing education at home.

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