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Design and Technology at James Bateman Middle School

“What in the world has not been designed, apart from nature?”

In Design Technology students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products which meet human needs. Working with a range of materials and equipment, students respond to briefs with ideas, products and systems, challenging expectations where appropriate.

At KS2 students cover a wide range of technology briefs from creating a textile wall hanging to small boat design, which is done through themed projects as part of the creative curriculum.

In Years 7 and 8, students study design and technology once a week (1hr) completing units of work in Food technology and Resistant Materials. Throughout their technology lessons, teachers aim to encourage the development of research, design and manufacturing skills, enabling all students to fulfil their full potential.

Food Technology

In year 7 & 8 students have food technology lessons. Year 7 learn cake and biscuit preparation with methods such as creaming, whisking, melting and the rubbing in method as they design and make cupcakes or biscuits.

Year 8 learn about eating a balanced diet and they prepare and cook recipes such as  vegetable soup, pasta and sauce, pizza and shortcrust pastry.

Product Design

Within Product Design, students can explore how real products are made and the importance of design and technology in the present ‘technology age’. The projects offer a broad skill base for students to acquire and practise creative thinking and problem solving. It opens avenues in a wide range of future careers ranging from architecture, advertising, branding, engineering, product design, game designing, CAD, construction, as well as trades in construction, plumbing and carpentry.

In year 7, students will work to create a notebook holder. During this topic students will learn about Health and Safety, tools and equipment to use and they will explore the various cutting and shaping techniques to create their product. Throughout the topic students reflect on their skills and develop their design and practical skills.

In year 8, students will design and create an acrylic clock, exploring the needs of their chosen product user. They will enhance their knowledge of manipulating  materials and broaden their expertise of designing, including model making and using ICT.

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