Geography at James Bateman Middle School


At James Bateman the Geography curriculum has been designed to give all pupils an understanding of the world we live in. We have to share our planet with billions of other people so it is vital that pupils have a broad understanding of how we all link together and how our world works. The subjects studied build on pupils’ own experiences to investigate places at all scales, from the personal to the global.

Geographical enquiry encourages questioning, investigation and critical thinking about issues affecting the world and people’s lives, now and in the future

Geography is about the world we live in … … The “here and now”

Geography is about how the world is changing.

Geography is about the world and its future.


The geography curriculum at James Bateman covers a wide range of topics looking at both Physical (natural) and Human (caused by man) aspects of the subject. Geographers at James Bateman study many different aspects of the subject, looking at both the Physical and Human elements of our world. Some of the interesting topics or places covered within the subject include investigating the rainforests of South America, Greece, investigating Africa and the South West China region. To find out exactly what topics are taught and when have a look at the curriculum map which is linked to on this page.


Assessment is ongoing and will take place in a variety of ways. Pupils are encouraged to self-assess and peer evaluate, work is regularly marked in line with the school policy and teachers will constantly be giving verbal feedback throughout the lessons.

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