History at James Bateman Middle School


Our History curriculum is designed to fire our pupils’ curiosity and imagination, giving them the opportunity to discover how our world has evolved. In school we aim to provide stimulating lessons in which the pupils can discover all about the past, giving them the chance to ask questions properly, express their own opinions and improve their literacy skills. We will help our pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding at a range of levels through the study of local, national and international events. Outside of school we also undertake a number of trips and visits to enhance learning.

During their time at James Bateman a number of topics will be studied including:- Ancient Egypt, The Romans, Britain since the 1930’s, Invaders and Settlers, The Romans, Medieval Britain, The Tudors, The English Civil War and the Slave Trade.


Assessment is ongoing and will take place in a variety of ways. Pupils are encouraged to self-assess and peer evaluate, work is regularly marked in line with the school policy and teachers will constantly be giving verbal feedback throughout the lessons.

James Bateman Middle School