Maths at James Bateman Middle School

Welcome to the Maths Department!

Maths is a creative and exciting discipline! Maths is used to enhance our understanding of the world, to manage out finances and to solve problems. Our ethos at James Bateman is that maths matter and numbers count!!

Right or Wrong?

We aim to foster a love of maths through practical problem solving, thoughtful reasoning, successful arithmetic and purposeful lessons. We want to bust the myth that maths is only about being right or wrong; in our lessons, thinking, reasoning and taking risks are equally important!

The Curriculum

Pupils are taught to develop and master mental and written methods for arithmetic operations, as well as develop their confidence and perseverance with more complex scenarios and abstract concepts.

All pupils will be encouraged to learn their multiplication tables to 12 x 12. Timetables form the bedrock of excellent mental maths! The development of mental methods of calculation is imperative and so most mornings pupils will be involved in a purposeful mathematical activity during registration; enabling learners to enhance and embed their skills.


Assessment is critical in maths; students are assessed in a range of ways, including self and peer evaluations, marking, teacher assessment and formal testing. Having a range of approaches helps us to assess in a balanced and informed manner.

Maths is subdivided into the following areas:

•Number – ensuring pupils understand place value.

•Arithmetic – mastering the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

•Statistics – creating and interpreting data in charts and graphs

•Measures – understanding and comparing units of measurement.

•Algebra – applying understanding of number and arithmetic to algebraic terms and expressions.

The curriculum is careful planned so that by the end of Year 8, pupils will have a solid grasp of all these areas.

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