Music at James Bateman Middle School

At James Bateman, the music curriculum focuses primarily on practical activities linked to the 4 main areas of ‘ Performing, Composing, Listening and Appraising.’

Our specialist Music Room has over 20 keyboards as well as many tuned and un-tuned instruments on which the children can develop their understanding and enjoyment of the subject.

We have recently bought into the ‘Charanga’ programme in KS2 – an online, interactive course of music projects based on different genres throughout history and the world. We have already tried and tested some of the topics and the pupils love them!

In Key Stage 3, we focus on developing their skills further through projects such as Music from Around the World and a study of the Beatles – again, all these projects focus heavily on the more practical aspects of the subject.

For those pupils wishing to pursue their musical interests further, we have a number of visiting peripatetic music teachers that are brought to us through a recognised company called ‘Music For Life.’ They offer individual and group tuition on a range of musical instruments and lessons take place on the school premises during the school day.

Further information, including details of how to apply for a place, can be found by following this link

In school, our extra-curricular music activities vary throughout the year. We have a school band (numbers permitting) and a school choir, who perform in and around Biddulph, particularly in the lead up to Christmas. We have a whole school play, a Talent Show and a Glee Club, which is run after school. In addition to these activities, pupils are able to access the Music Practice Rooms at break.

James Bateman Middle School