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Physical Education at James Bateman Middle School

We are extremely fortunate at James Bateman Middle School to have such fantastic facilities for P.E. Not only do we have a full-sized gymnasium and a separate hall, but we have plenty of outdoor hard ground, a 3rd generation Astroturf and a grass pitch on the Meadows site (a five minute walk away).

Pupils in all years undertake a variety of lessons to underpin their physical health and well-being. These include many team games (like soccer, netball, cricket, rounders etc.), racket sports, gymnastics, dance and athletics. See our Curriculum map.

Our pupils have the opportunity to represent the school in many sports. We hold many inter-house competitions within school and we also compete in the Staffordshire Moorlands Area in netball, soccer, athletics, swimming and cross-country.

We run many extra-curricular clubs, run by teaching and non-teaching staff, where all pupils are encouraged to attend. There are specific clubs for each year group. Not only are traditional sports offered; but this year our clubs have included Gymnastics, Badminton, Dance, Huff and Puff and Table Tennis. Year 8 Sports Leaders are also encouraged to run their own clubs – supervised by staff – this year dance and netball have been chosen by them.

Our Sports Leaders in Year 8 help to run several Festivals of Sport every year for First School pupils in Biddulph. Typically 200+ young children are lead by our well-trained and competent Young Sports Leaders.

This Easter time seventy of our enthusiastic pupils who have rehearsed hard will perform in the annual Inspire Dance Festival at The Victoria Hall Theatre, Hanley – a scary and yet exciting time for them. There is little to beat the thrill of dancing in front of an appreciative audience at a top venue like the Victoria Hall.

Our Sports Personality is awarded to two pupils who show a superb effort above and beyond the norm. This may be as part of their curricular or extra-curricular time; but is achievable by any pupil who shows the drive to get it.

Every summer during the Athletics season we hold our annual Sports Day where our four House teams in every year group compete against each other to become School Athletics Champions.

We also have an annual Fun Sports Day in which every pupil takes part. Each person competes against others of a similar ability to gain points for their Houses.

Physical Education is deemed by us all as a high profile and positive aspect of our school life. We want our pupils to enjoy participating and learning so that they wish to continue a healthy, active lifestyle for their future.

As John F. Kennedy, ex USA President said, “Physical Fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence”

Curriculum Map for Physical Education

Year 5 :

Boys: Minor Games, Gymnastics, Racket skills, Orienteering, Ball skills, Athletics, Striking skills and swimming.

Girls: Team Building, Minor Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Ball skills, Athletics, Striking skills and swimming.

Year 6:

Boys: Soccer, Tag rugby, Gymnastics, Unihoc, Orienteering, Athletics, Tennis, Cricket.

Girls: Ball skills, Gymnastics, Dance, Health Related Exercise, Badminton, Tennis, Athletics, Rounders.

Year 7:

Boys: Soccer, Tag rugby, Basketball, Orienteering, Young Sports leader, Health Relate exercise, Athletics, Cricket, Tennis.

Girls: Netball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Dance, Orienteering, Young Sports leader, Health Relate Exercise, Athletics, Rounders, Tennis.

Year 8:

Boys: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Health Related Exercise, Tag Rugby, Striking skills, Athletics, Cricket, Tennis.

Girls: Football, Netball, Tennis, Fitness, Volleyball, Dance, Gymnastics, Basketball, Athletics, Rounders, Cricket.

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